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Colin Larcombe

Could Tableau improve your decision making?

Peut se déplacer à Paris

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Paris, France
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Colin en quelques mots

Your business is profitable but you think it could be more so? You would love to know what makes your customers tick and why they chose your product. Or what about cashflow? You’re sure there’s a way to improve your cashflow.
You have all of these questions (which need answers, right?)
But you just can’t answer them! You lack the time, experience and quite frankly, have too many other important things to do.

Well I can show you how to get the answers you want and unleash your business. To do this I need to make one of your core assets sweat; your data.
You may not have realized this, but analysis of your precious data could reveal all the answers to those lie-awake-at-night questions you have about your company.

But I don’t want to pay for an open ended project.
Understandably, and I don’t want to work on one either!
After discussing your business and its strategy :-
- You’ll show me what sort of data you have such as Excel, Databases, Google Analytics etc
- I’ll perform an initial review of the data and come up with some pragmatic ideas for the analysis.
- The work will commence and you’ll receive updates at agreed intervals.
- When complete, you’ll receive a presentation of the conclusions
- We can then discuss how to make changes to your improve your business model.

Thirty years providing data-based systems using twenty different software tools in more than ten countries has shown me one thing; very few companies are forward thinking enough to harness their data to give them an edge.
By visualizing your business data in a clear and meaningful way, you’ll get the chance to use your data to help you make more astute decisions.

Do you have any other questions? Why don’t you drop me a line and we can chat about the possibilities for your business.
PS. Before starting any work with you I always sign a non-disclosure agreement so your company secrets remain safe.